Boody is the new interactive phone application that helps you to reach your optimal health


Boody app transforms personal data into precise health and fitness solutions

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Health status

The Boody app allows users to understand their Health status by using highly accurate technologies. It enables individuals to store, access and analyze their body composition information as well as observe trends over time.

Using body composition information from Boody scale, the Boody app provides online access to a person’s scans and to a variety of analysis reports.

Users can not only better understand their own body thanks to high-standard measurements, but can also share their results with health professionals available online and receive advices on how to improve their optimal health.

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Body composition

Boody focuses on “body composition.” Body composition is a term used in the domains of fitness, weight loss, and medicine.  It simply refers to the components of the human body: water, bone, muscle mass and fat mass. One of the key ratios affecting health and fitness is the fat to muscle relationship. It is important in many areas including athletic performance, weight loss, and several diseases. The body composition knowledge and monitoring can help people in devising appropriate exercise and nutrition routine.


Three options to stay motivated: eat healthy, train effectively and challenge yourself


FREE /month
  • Basic Body Composition Reporting
  • Basic Body Composition Trending
  • Store Body Composition Scans and Data
  • Mobile and Web Access


€19.90 /month
  • Advance Body Composition Trending
  • Live Chat consultation
  • Appropriate nutrition programs
  • Interaction with coaches and nutritionists
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Ready to Make a commitment to your health and well being? What are you waiting for?


Track your body composition changes over time, Analyse results to see if your fitness program is working


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